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How do you express your grief after the loss of a child?

For our family here is how it went.

We allowed ourselves to feel every bit of this tragedy.  We did not suppress 1 thought or emotion as we went through this ordeal.  The reason being was that we knew we would have to deal with it sooner or later.  If we didn’t it could literally break us.  As you can imagine those first couple of months were an epic challenge.  Slowly… we started to heal.  Accepting our new “normal”.  After 6 months or so we found ourselves looking for a new way to deal with our pain.

We had 2 choices – to be destructive or constructive.

Destructive – drugs, alcohol, depression, blaming, etc. or Constructive – believing that out of this great tragedy something beautiful can arise.

We chose the latter, and that was the spark for the idea of The Boston Burrito Foundation.

Where Did The Name Boston Burrito Foundation Come from?

We Noticed something right away when CJ was born.  He loved to be held.  If you tried to put him down he would cry to have you pick him up again.  So what do we do if we need to put him down to do something or to put him to bed?  We found we could swaddle him.  Being wrapped tightly in a swaddling blanket mimicked the feeling of being held and he instantly felt relaxed.  Check him out in a couple of pictures.

That’s part 1 of the story.  Part 2 is that CJ was born into a crazy Boston Sports family.  We love all things Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics.  Naturally when he was born all of our family and friends had to buy him cute little Boston sports clothes to wear.  He especially seemed to like his Boston Bruins swaddling blanket.  He proudly wore the spoked B on his chest.

When we looked at him, wrapped tightly in the blanket with that B on his chest the only thing we could think was that he looked like a cute little”Boston Burrito.”  The nickname stuck.

When he was sick in the hospital I would give daily updates to the world through Facebook.  Soon well wishes were coming from all 50 states and 5 foreign countries.  Everybody gave the Boston Burrito messages of hope, Love, and healing.

Naming CJ’s foundation the Boston Burrito Foundation was a no brainer.

What is the Mission of the Foundation?

The mission of this foundation is: To help families take the next step in order to heal, rebuild, and renew their hope and strength after the loss of a child.

The way we plan on doing that is through helping families with financial assistance related to the tragedy.

So many people looking at an incident like ours only see half of the total picture.  They see the grief and anguish dealing with the loss of our precious child.  There is another side, however, that is kept more private but magnifies the pain 10 fold.  That is the financial burden that often comes with extended hospital stays.

Just think of this:  You are with your child in the ICU watching the doctors perform the 70th or 80th diagnostic test in the last 30 days.  When you go home to take a quick shower and get some clean clothes you see the mail.  In there is a bill for $750 for Chest x rays done on your child at the beginning of the stay at the first of 2 hospitals you have been at. Talk about reality check.  There will be no grace period to just grieve and deal with this situation. You have to now put effort towards the financial side of this nightmare and its actually not even over yet.

You could take the approach of “screw’em, they aren’t getting anything out of me”  But the reality is that not only will you suffer an emotional tragedy but also a financial one that could haunt you for the rest of your life.

This is a scene that plays out at hospitals everyday in this country.  The business side of being sick.

Our world was shattered to the tune of Close to $500,000 in medical bills and our business which was our sole family income was cut in half because we couldn’t work for 2 months because we were at the hospital.

Health insurance covered some but we were still liable for a huge portion of the bill.

We are fortunate people, however.  We are blessed to have the best network or family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, in the entire world.  They came to our side and helped us get through this tragedy.  Without them I don’t know where we would be.

The sad truth is that not every family is as fortunate as we were.  That is where we can help.  By raising money we can help families deal with the medical bills, lost wages, therapy, rent, food, etc to make the burden just a little bit easier.

So when you help The Boston Burrito Foundation, Inc.  you will get to help a family get through their worst nightmare!

Our major fundraiser is a 5k Road race in Manchester, NH.  In 2014 the proceeds went to help our family.  In 2015 and beyond we are using the money to help other families.

We are a IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) corporation.  Which means that all your donations are 100% tax deductible.

We are always looking for volunteers or donations to help our cause.  If you would like to help there are 3 ways you can do that.

  1. sign up for the Boston Burrito 5k road race for CJ (you can walk or run)
  2. Volunteer to help us on race day
  3. Make a donation to the foundation through the Paypal Button Below

If you would like to talk to us about some other way you can help then fill out the contact form below.

Whatever you decide, your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks and God Bless,

The Kosinski Family

John, April, Kayla, Jackson and CJ (in heaven)

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